Galeri Nasional Indonesia: SEA+ Triennale 2016

SEA+ Trienalle 2016, ENCOUNTER: Art From Different Lands exhibition held in Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GalNas) connects the growth of Indonesian contemporary art in correspondence with the alike movements in both Southeast Asia and Internationally. The contemporary exhibition roars the endless development of our global social contexts.

The exhibition was a platform to allow visitors the freedom to perceive how different artists responded towards life experiences from different places, within its context of issues – Yet they still somehow connect, due to the unimposing nature of creating.


Amongst the 33 artists that exhibited their oeuvres, above are some of my bias pieces that I adore! Listing down the links to their profile/portfolio underneath if you’re interested for a further research:

Eugene Soh

Taufik Ermas

Dita Gambiro

Jabbar Muhammad

Zoe Walker

Neil Bromwich

Ingeborg Annie Kristine Lindahl

Julie Lluch

Matt Calvert





RUCI Art |Y:Collect| & Life Equation

RUCI Art Space, Jakarta

Showcasing over 29 artworks in profuse mediums that include; paintings, photographs, illustrations, sculptures, installations and new media art.

Violence Make Silent #1, by Eko Nugroho

Violence Make Silent #1, by Eko Nugroho

Y: Collect – is the fruit collection of 10 Young art curators, who have invested their souls and capitals on these supreme contemporary art pieces that are notably eye-catching and bold! The exhibition managed to highly accentuate their individual artsy-ness in various vivid uniqueness.



Life-size F1 car ' Democracy' by Pintor Sirait

Life-size F1 car ‘ Democracy’ by Pintor Sirait


1/4 The General Series, 2012 (my fave!), by Jim Allen Abel


Y- Generation: Adhia Absar Arryman, Junior Tirtadji, Kinez Riza, Marissa Soeryadjaya, Natasha Sidharta, Nicholas Tas, Resida Irmine, Aryadi Jaya, Tom Tandio, and Winda Malika Siregar.

This fearless generation really got the ocean-level passion in regards to ART, which totally earned my respect!

Venue: RUCI Art Space, Jl. Suryo No. 49

Art is life, and therefore it is limitless.

Observatory of the Self, ranting-kaca-motor-kabel, superb by Sara nuytemans

Observatory of the Self, ranting-kaca-motor-kabel, superb by Sara nuytemans

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