Setengah Lima Sore


Suasana nyaman yang konstan saat merespon ruang.

cukup sederhana, cukup hangat.



South Jakarta: Where Comfort is King

Juxtaposition, 03/14

Juxtaposition, 03/14

Jakarta is an evolving city of bustling crowds that of all the other cities in Indonesia; Break a new ground in pursuing the contemporaneous urban lifestyle. The prospect of new ideas is unimaginably boundless here: creative, liberal and resourceful- amidst the striking features that Jakarta has to offer.

It is to no surprise that the city rapidly blooms into a jungle piece of civilisations. From the sight of lavish heighten skyscrapers to the slums’ seamy side of life; one is quick to notice upon the visible  inequality between the classes distribution, and yet that’s just how it is living in a big scale Metropolis.

But at times when Jakarta madness seems eternal under the grey sky of smokes, there is one part of the city that bears a casual manner when faced to the infinite line of traffic congestions. Nothing alike to a prosaic cup of tea, the residents of South Jakarta started the day as early birds, often seen doing routines such exercising or taking the pet for a walk; having the access to a relatively greener environment- with quiet a mass amount of oxygen. 

Then, one find himself sipping a friendly cup of coffee at a shared veranda of this bijou looking café in the neighborhood, with a chance that he is about to meet another regulars having their morning rituals too. It is always nice seeing familiar faces, indeed being a part of others’ sphere of life feels like a riveting coincidence; that one may find hard not to notice the warm gimmick it has contributed to one’s morning.

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RUCI Art |Y:Collect| & Life Equation

RUCI Art Space, Jakarta

Showcasing over 29 artworks in profuse mediums that include; paintings, photographs, illustrations, sculptures, installations and new media art.

Violence Make Silent #1, by Eko Nugroho

Violence Make Silent #1, by Eko Nugroho

Y: Collect – is the fruit collection of 10 Young art curators, who have invested their souls and capitals on these supreme contemporary art pieces that are notably eye-catching and bold! The exhibition managed to highly accentuate their individual artsy-ness in various vivid uniqueness.



Life-size F1 car ' Democracy' by Pintor Sirait

Life-size F1 car ‘ Democracy’ by Pintor Sirait


1/4 The General Series, 2012 (my fave!), by Jim Allen Abel


Y- Generation: Adhia Absar Arryman, Junior Tirtadji, Kinez Riza, Marissa Soeryadjaya, Natasha Sidharta, Nicholas Tas, Resida Irmine, Aryadi Jaya, Tom Tandio, and Winda Malika Siregar.

This fearless generation really got the ocean-level passion in regards to ART, which totally earned my respect!

Venue: RUCI Art Space, Jl. Suryo No. 49

Art is life, and therefore it is limitless.

Observatory of the Self, ranting-kaca-motor-kabel, superb by Sara nuytemans

Observatory of the Self, ranting-kaca-motor-kabel, superb by Sara nuytemans

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Locale Souls & Fiesta Fatahillah!


This post is a long unpublished catalyst of mine which induced a state where art speaks louder than words. Guess I’ve been keeping it around for sometimes while waiting for the right moment!

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#TinglingUrban casts back to her drop in at Kota Tua, A local gem where the colonies from the past remain untouched. The area seemed to be constantly bursting with crowds in many good occasions especially during the weekend! Diversity was patent in sight, from local school field trips to travelling foreigners along with the lining of pedagang asongan to complete the ensemble.

That day the area was teeming in a bigger horde following recent boom over the newly-open for public Contemporary Art exhibition by Jakarta Art Space nestling in Kantor Pos Fatahillah. The brilliant concept of introducing Contemporary Art breathed a fresh new air to curious art enthusiasts, as it managed to draw in much bigger local mass into the area.

That time I was in the vigour of a budding romance with the magic of gallery visits. A situation when the whole world doesn’t fit quiet rightly inside of your arm, and a large-scale fisheyed image of various urban theory and perceptions were placed in sight to reflect.

Very enlightening, which is why this post is the perfect inception for #TinglingUrban.



Twas not my first gallery trip, but it was the first time I experience artworks coming to life.


To grip on that gusto feeling, I think being BRAVE to Experience is the key.

One might want to steal a little while to unravel feelings and emotions locked behind an artwork– Yes! it is okay, even if you interpret it to a whole new stage of revelations, enlightenment, and maybe extract hardly anything out of it. you must’ve had those moments of doubt where you questioned your own competency to gauge on an art piece. I do too! At one point of time I really felt insecure to have genuine opinions toward an artwork, especially when it comes to criticising it – honestly I got a big zero balls on that! And right now I believe that kind of modestly will lead you nowhere, for

ART itself is Subjective.

Artists never plot to instil a fixate message to society, essentially the authentic ones enhance their personal sentiments disregard of the social expectations. And later grant subjects the freedom to experience the concealed feelings behind art on their own. In short artists exhibit their artworks with the desire to inspire, never about the price but the values and journey it hold.

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Tingling Urban


 | The Urban ID holder state of mind |



Are you an urban ID holder?

Setting: cityscape and skyscrapers dangled upon you.

Living in a city surely brings a handful of colourful palette to one’s journey. There is this visible social bonding discerned from the way people conduct living, where it prompted a fervent sense of belonging that warmly adheres to the perky city-spirits. As to me personally, I love standing in the middle of a dashing mega throng who actually do chase after time! Instead of runnin’ around chasing the wind and get lost in space a.k.a the cotton canday dreamers. As free as a seagull they serve a living by exploring boundless circumstances and embracing its daily challenges.

Therefore LIFE in urban is filled with purposes, bigger hopes, ambitions, and likely the least of such monotonous more 🙄

model jendela // da creeper (?)

The Idea behind #TinglingUrban 

You see, but you don’t observe.

Ever heard of it? A peculiar remark made by none other than the genius consulting detective-Sherlock Holmes, a very bias fictional character of mine. 

It most sensibly describes the city’s heedless population that are constantly amounted by frantic schedules. Drowned in restless nights, there is this long living maxim that says when life is passing by, changes are hardly notice. Sounds pretty affixed to Capital J being the epicentre of urbanised cultures and social reforms, to whom is conventionally accustomed with this upbeat lifestyle. Throw in a dash of controversy with a lil treble– and call it a normalcy! To see it as it is, in the city- surely life goes on.

The impetus behind #TinglingUrban is to keep tabs and get familiar with our J-domain, not basing it on mere general facts but through a real interlock with the one-stop living. With quick daily updates on wut’s up Jakarta, I’m trying to implement a breathing space in the course of these ambiguous cultures and social affairs that fleet around Jakarta. Call this an act of recollection in the midst of rapid movements; cheers to the vogue and hooked feelings– oeuvres on what should not be forgotten 🙂

Devoured in the city’s sole enticing charm, #TinglingUrban seek to unfold her spells by encouraging people to observefeel, and get involve with its sequence, rather than being so clueless about everything out of their comfort.

That way you have lived by authenticating your degree as an Urban ID holder.



Hatching the concept of #TinglingUrban

It is ART. Through art, that I experienced different kind of pauses. I can feel myself drenched in others’ state of despair, rebellion, apprehension, ecstasy, grief and even those that are impalpable to comprehend. With art as a medium, those jolt of emotions were made true to me as a passing bystander. Experiencing the strings of sentiments that were not mine to begin with, also opened up a pathway to break-free from my selfish nature, as I slowly grew a keen interest towards the local updates on cultures, passions and social demurral. A small perk of curiosity which later developed into #TinglingUrban.

 When art speaks louder than words, you no longer see life as it is but acknowledge its being.


When art speaks louder than words, you no longer see life as it is but acknowledge its being.


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What to be expected in the future? 

*Exzitement!* Will be posting under #TinglingUrban about my life account in Jakardomain! The focus will be set on the captured perspectives and inspirations that I have accumulated throughout my time as a wanderess in this enigmatic city 💡 Basically, more exposures on quirky muse that represent my being, with stances denoting my status as an urban ID holder 🐻

Now gotta bid my adieu! Please look forward to my next post!♥


 An account to my first (ever) gallery visit, the Genesis to my lasting appreciation of Modern Art.