Inside a folded yellow paper,

You are an artist.

Artists are (more) curious souls who see the realm as field of creative expression, platform to create, and an endless vaults of opportunity. They know Being ; comprehend the idea that life without purpose is mere passerby of this realm.

Artists craft passions into reality and see no weakness in vulnerability; love without reservation, give their hearts completely and leave nothing on the table. They are naked and unashamed. They leave no room for pretension.

Artists choose to chase and indulged in their school of desires just so that they may authenticate Being ; by of course being a part of this cosmic wonder. Creating changes over and over ; cut this, paste that, hide this, layer that. Until changes become the only constant of a never-finished oeuvre, in which a mean to live life-that may break all forms of security.


it’s a sensation, a blind creation

moving through your days done,

it got your heart stung <cont.>

Inside a folded yellow paper, I never had the chance to pass. 


di awal akhir

I have never been anywhere that we haven't been.img_4020
siapa kamus yang tahu arus?

terus menerus 
ternyata selama ini menanti,
lama menanti yang sudah jauh pergi.

dan akhirnya akhir.

KATAMAMA: a little piece of Andra Matin’s mind palace

Katamama boutique Hotel is a fresh extension of the celebrated beachfront property in Bali, none other than Potato Head Beach Club. In which both projects are designed by Andra Matin

Writing this journal, I had ample amount of glee exploring the sister building of Potato Head that feels much like an oeuvre to me. 

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   So tell me,


How do we claim identity?
The earth is platform of intricate nature.

What particle authenticate being,
If nothing in this world is new?

What moulded this self-righteous creed,
To rest on the phrase “This is who I am.”


People seek advices before performing the act.

Whatever sound reasonable to the conscience,

will therefore be the verified voice of reason.


There is thirst over the truth.

The unsettling heart without light,

Is screaming for wisdom.


what affirmed men’s individuality,

Is having sentiment towards one of the existing concepts.

Yet not to be falsely interpreted from being  bona fide,

men are simply being resilient.


We search, we dig, we explore.

We accumulate evidences to understand,

So that we see less ambiguous vision of the realm.

Secure us seats, we’re ready to launch



Confidence that fuelled self-esteem,

has somehow contoured our state of being.

As we experienced perks of comfort within.


And then we feel settled.

All gestures act justified.

Exploiting the self-made right we think we deserve,

which shields all filthy deeds that have turned to normalcy.


we stop getting curious,
stop thinking righteous,
stop searching,
for we find standard.

Mirage of the holy grail so sweet tasting we hardly see its flaw.



A written prose,



The Mysterious Man

God is deep, he is deeper than any ocean, surely greater than the extent of milky way, boundless as the horizon. In every words He has said, every parables He has told, every promises He has made, there is a hidden message bequeathed neatly like a fathomless time capsule ready to unravel; if you do seek- really seek, not just by the high-standing trees above nor at the thin air of your atmosphere, search fervently- you’ll figure that the capsule is hidden just underneath you.

And the question is am I willing to dig an extra mile for it? 




                                          I Like Words.

article-2474721-18F008D400000578-130_964x656When moments shattered to pieces like the rubble from the ruins,

the robust feelings remained at rear in form of stained ink on a paper medium.

when the zealous affairs are no longer there and one still long after its flairs,

words keep the ardour burning, as it is caressing and everlasting.

Words may not be able to completely evoke the twisted truth,

but words show the depth of relationships, and that’s all really that matters.

who cares if it is a pair of cataclysmic dynamic duo?

words can be assuring, it may also be accommodating.

it doesn’t strike like a haul, instead it’ll take one on a trip down memory lane.

going backward in between words,

there is a glimpse of silver-lining that remained as impalpable as a dream.

but on a bottom line,

as daft as they seem words without experience are simply meaningless.


The Heartfelt Muse

There is no sorry for Loving, all you need to do is express it.

Here is a chain of undisciplined letters that I find both intriguing and vulnerable at the same time. Take a look!

James Dean reckless love letter to Barbara Glenn.

I don’t like it here. I don’t like people here. I like it home (N.Y.) and I like you and I want to see you. Must I always be miserable? I try so hard to make people reject me. Why? I don’t want to write this letter. It would be better to remain silent. “Wow! Am I f up” 

So hold everything, stop breathing, stop the town all of N.Y.C.

untill (should have trumpets here) James Dean returns.

Don’t run away from home at too early an age or you’ll half to take vitamins the rest of your life. Wish you cooked. I’ll be home soon. Write me please. I’m sad most of the time. Awful lonely too isn’t it. (I hope youre dying) BECAUSE I AM.

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Apple Crumble ala Gordon ✬✬✬✬


Apple crumble is a treat
Hiding underneath
Are delicious stewed apples
Sugary and sweet
With crumble topping
So divine

– Dreamofolwin

Amber greeting everyone! The spell of blooming apples has set in, and since Apple is my ultimate fruit Crush (a.k.a ApelSono),  I had to put a lil digging on cookbooks and recipe out there to make a good twist out of the freshly picked apples that are still bursting with flavour *Zlurrrp*….as they were just resting on da kitchen table being boring 💡 Finally, I stumble across Gordon Ramsay’s Apple & Cranberry Crumble video recipe and fall in love immediately! I think he aimed to make it as folksy as possible without trying to bring it to the next level of sophistication. Super simple and a breeze one indeed 🙄 Quickly thought of sharing the recipe with you guys.

 Apple Crumble is the Britons’ one and only classic apple dessert, whilst the Americans (decided to get fancy) gave quite some nicks to it from Apple Crisp, Brown Betty, Cobbler, etc. when they all practically share the same base ingredients. Even so, apple crumble’s vast pop remained still as its flexibility is something that nailed both festive dinners and a solitary night comfo food! Which is why it is such a savvy unfailing target to look like an expert baker in your own kitchen 😀

Check out Ramsay’s inspired Apple Crumble recipe below! As I made a dash of refinement towards the original recipe to further match the munchy afters with my tastebud, not forgetting to include the original one as a reference for you to see which one suits you better! Awright here we go :mrgreen:


Tangy fruit base: 

  • ❅ 3 1/2 tbsp of raw sugar mixed with palm sugar
    (Original recipe uses 6 tbsp of caster sugar)
    ❅ A pinch of cinnamon
    ❅ Another tad bit of nutmeg
    ❅ A teaspoon of vanilla extract
    (Original recipe uses vanilla pod)
    ❅ 6 apples of your choice, 3 grated and another 3 thinly chopped
    ❅ 3 tbsp dried fruits, I used anything in the kitchen shelf!
    (on this occasion its blubbery, Ramsay uses cranberry)
    ❅ Lemon zest
    ❅ Juice of half a lemon

Scrumptious crumble:

  • ❅ 100g plain flour
    ❅ 2 tbsp palm sugar
    (Original uses Demarara sugar)
    ❅ 50g salted butter, chilled and cubed
    (I’d like a little savoury on mine, originally uses unsalted)
    ❅ Pinch of ground cinnamon
    ❅ 4 tbsp nutty muesli mix



  1. Pre heat the oven to 200° C
  2. Caramelised the sugar. I figure the time needed to see the transformation of sugar into a liquid like golden brown texture relatively depends on ur heating pan itself. Therefore, a quick hint is to let the magic works by itself and avoid stirring the pan or else ur sugar will get burned instead!
  3. Making the apple puree: add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and grated apples into the Caramelised sugar as you cook it for around a minute or two on medium heat.
  4. Once finished with your apple puree, stir in the rest of the thinly chopped apples, blueberries, lemon zest and its juice into the mixture. Cook for another minute until a nice light brown color is visible. Tangy Apple Filling, done. Set aside.
  5. Processing the crumbles: make breadcrumbs by mixing together flour, palm sugar, chilled butter cubes and cinnamon altogether with your hands. If it looks lumpy then ur on da right track 😉
  6. Last step to set your crumbs is by adding in the nutty muesli into the breadcrumbs, and fuse evenly.
  7. Pour your apple filling equally into a baking pan ( i used a ceramic oven-proof bowl instead cuz i dont have a small pan) and sprinkle over the crumbles on top 🙂 now that ur base and crumbs are set, its time to bake it in the oven for about 13 minutes till u see a golden crumbs hihi


Remove and warmly serve straight from the oven 

Woopp with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream on top maybe? Won’t make you a sinner 👿



Apple Crumble, DONE✓

One scrummy afters by Gordon Ramsay, so effortless even the Fat Bastard of Brighton wud CrAvE to taste!


Recipe Reference: Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

⭐ Cheeros, C