Satu Ruang


|pantai bersama|

Indonesia memiliki garis pantai terpanjang kedua di dunia, hal ini 

menjadikan pantai Indonesia sebagai salah satu sumber daya alam

yang seharusnya dapat diakses dan dinikmati seluruh lapisan 

masyarakat nusantara.

Namun hingga saat ini fasilitas pantai masih kurang mengakomodasi 

kaum difabel, sehingga para kaum difabel kurang dapat merasakan 

pengalaman pantai yang berkesan.

Satu Ruang merupakan sebuah rangkaian acara yang terdiri dari 

kompetisi dan pameran desain; yang bertujuan untuk menyamarkan 

batasan sosial di dalam masyarakat yang cenderung memarginalisasi 

keberadaan kaum difabel.

Kompetisi Satu Ruang menantang para calon arsitek dan desainer interior 

muda Indonesia untuk mendatangkan solusi desain ruang pantai yang dapat 

mencakup spektrum kebutuhan manusia sepenuhnya.

Pameran Satu Ruang memperkenalkan 25 karya intervensi desain terbaik 

dari kompetisi kepada masyarakat umum; dengan harapan akan membangun 

kesadaran di antara kalangan desainer dan juga masyarakat luas akan 

pentingnya satu ruang untuk bersama.


ruang type 2 png untuk tote bag warna putihBanyak orang, beragam kebutuhan, satu ruang.


KATAMAMA: a little piece of Andra Matin’s mind palace

Katamama boutique Hotel is a fresh extension of the celebrated beachfront property in Bali, none other than Potato Head Beach Club. In which both projects are designed by Andra Matin

Writing this journal, I had ample amount of glee exploring the sister building of Potato Head that feels much like an oeuvre to me. 

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Galeri Nasional Indonesia: SEA+ Triennale 2016

SEA+ Trienalle 2016, ENCOUNTER: Art From Different Lands exhibition held in Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GalNas) connects the growth of Indonesian contemporary art in correspondence with the alike movements in both Southeast Asia and Internationally. The contemporary exhibition roars the endless development of our global social contexts.

The exhibition was a platform to allow visitors the freedom to perceive how different artists responded towards life experiences from different places, within its context of issues – Yet they still somehow connect, due to the unimposing nature of creating.


Amongst the 33 artists that exhibited their oeuvres, above are some of my bias pieces that I adore! Listing down the links to their profile/portfolio underneath if you’re interested for a further research:

Eugene Soh

Taufik Ermas

Dita Gambiro

Jabbar Muhammad

Zoe Walker

Neil Bromwich

Ingeborg Annie Kristine Lindahl

Julie Lluch

Matt Calvert






   So tell me,


How do we claim identity?
The earth is platform of intricate nature.

What particle authenticate being,
If nothing in this world is new?

What moulded this self-righteous creed,
To rest on the phrase “This is who I am.”


People seek advices before performing the act.

Whatever sound reasonable to the conscience,

will therefore be the verified voice of reason.


There is thirst over the truth.

The unsettling heart without light,

Is screaming for wisdom.


what affirmed men’s individuality,

Is having sentiment towards one of the existing concepts.

Yet not to be falsely interpreted from being  bona fide,

men are simply being resilient.


We search, we dig, we explore.

We accumulate evidences to understand,

So that we see less ambiguous vision of the realm.

Secure us seats, we’re ready to launch



Confidence that fuelled self-esteem,

has somehow contoured our state of being.

As we experienced perks of comfort within.


And then we feel settled.

All gestures act justified.

Exploiting the self-made right we think we deserve,

which shields all filthy deeds that have turned to normalcy.


we stop getting curious,
stop thinking righteous,
stop searching,
for we find standard.

Mirage of the holy grail so sweet tasting we hardly see its flaw.



A written prose,