So tell me,


How do we claim identity?
The earth is platform of intricate nature.

What particle authenticate being,
If nothing in this world is new?

What moulded this self-righteous creed,
To rest on the phrase “This is who I am.”


People seek advices before performing the act.

Whatever sound reasonable to the conscience,

will therefore be the verified voice of reason.


There is thirst over the truth.

The unsettling heart without light,

Is screaming for wisdom.


what affirmed men’s individuality,

Is having sentiment towards one of the existing concepts.

Yet not to be falsely interpreted from being  bona fide,

men are simply being resilient.


We search, we dig, we explore.

We accumulate evidences to understand,

So that we see less ambiguous vision of the realm.

Secure us seats, we’re ready to launch



Confidence that fuelled self-esteem,

has somehow contoured our state of being.

As we experienced perks of comfort within.


And then we feel settled.

All gestures act justified.

Exploiting the self-made right we think we deserve,

which shields all filthy deeds that have turned to normalcy.


we stop getting curious,
stop thinking righteous,
stop searching,
for we find standard.

Mirage of the holy grail so sweet tasting we hardly see its flaw.



A written prose,



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