The Mysterious Man

God is deep, he is deeper than any ocean, surely greater than the extent of milky way, boundless as the horizon. In every words He has said, every parables He has told, every promises He has made, there is a hidden message bequeathed neatly like a fathomless time capsule ready to unravel; if you do seek- really seek, not just by the high-standing trees above nor at the thin air of your atmosphere, search fervently- you’ll figure that the capsule is hidden just underneath you.

And the question is am I willing to dig an extra mile for it? 



South Jakarta: Where Comfort is King

Juxtaposition, 03/14

Juxtaposition, 03/14

Jakarta is an evolving city of bustling crowds that of all the other cities in Indonesia; Break a new ground in pursuing the contemporaneous urban lifestyle. The prospect of new ideas is unimaginably boundless here: creative, liberal and resourceful- amidst the striking features that Jakarta has to offer.

It is to no surprise that the city rapidly blooms into a jungle piece of civilisations. From the sight of lavish heighten skyscrapers to the slums’ seamy side of life; one is quick to notice upon the visible  inequality between the classes distribution, and yet that’s just how it is living in a big scale Metropolis.

But at times when Jakarta madness seems eternal under the grey sky of smokes, there is one part of the city that bears a casual manner when faced to the infinite line of traffic congestions. Nothing alike to a prosaic cup of tea, the residents of South Jakarta started the day as early birds, often seen doing routines such exercising or taking the pet for a walk; having the access to a relatively greener environment- with quiet a mass amount of oxygen. 

Then, one find himself sipping a friendly cup of coffee at a shared veranda of this bijou looking café in the neighborhood, with a chance that he is about to meet another regulars having their morning rituals too. It is always nice seeing familiar faces, indeed being a part of others’ sphere of life feels like a riveting coincidence; that one may find hard not to notice the warm gimmick it has contributed to one’s morning.

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