Apple Crumble ala Gordon ✬✬✬✬


Apple crumble is a treat
Hiding underneath
Are delicious stewed apples
Sugary and sweet
With crumble topping
So divine

– Dreamofolwin

Amber greeting everyone! The spell of blooming apples has set in, and since Apple is my ultimate fruit Crush (a.k.a ApelSono),  I had to put a lil digging on cookbooks and recipe out there to make a good twist out of the freshly picked apples that are still bursting with flavour *Zlurrrp*….as they were just resting on da kitchen table being boring 💡 Finally, I stumble across Gordon Ramsay’s Apple & Cranberry Crumble video recipe and fall in love immediately! I think he aimed to make it as folksy as possible without trying to bring it to the next level of sophistication. Super simple and a breeze one indeed 🙄 Quickly thought of sharing the recipe with you guys.

 Apple Crumble is the Britons’ one and only classic apple dessert, whilst the Americans (decided to get fancy) gave quite some nicks to it from Apple Crisp, Brown Betty, Cobbler, etc. when they all practically share the same base ingredients. Even so, apple crumble’s vast pop remained still as its flexibility is something that nailed both festive dinners and a solitary night comfo food! Which is why it is such a savvy unfailing target to look like an expert baker in your own kitchen 😀

Check out Ramsay’s inspired Apple Crumble recipe below! As I made a dash of refinement towards the original recipe to further match the munchy afters with my tastebud, not forgetting to include the original one as a reference for you to see which one suits you better! Awright here we go :mrgreen:


Tangy fruit base: 

  • ❅ 3 1/2 tbsp of raw sugar mixed with palm sugar
    (Original recipe uses 6 tbsp of caster sugar)
    ❅ A pinch of cinnamon
    ❅ Another tad bit of nutmeg
    ❅ A teaspoon of vanilla extract
    (Original recipe uses vanilla pod)
    ❅ 6 apples of your choice, 3 grated and another 3 thinly chopped
    ❅ 3 tbsp dried fruits, I used anything in the kitchen shelf!
    (on this occasion its blubbery, Ramsay uses cranberry)
    ❅ Lemon zest
    ❅ Juice of half a lemon

Scrumptious crumble:

  • ❅ 100g plain flour
    ❅ 2 tbsp palm sugar
    (Original uses Demarara sugar)
    ❅ 50g salted butter, chilled and cubed
    (I’d like a little savoury on mine, originally uses unsalted)
    ❅ Pinch of ground cinnamon
    ❅ 4 tbsp nutty muesli mix



  1. Pre heat the oven to 200° C
  2. Caramelised the sugar. I figure the time needed to see the transformation of sugar into a liquid like golden brown texture relatively depends on ur heating pan itself. Therefore, a quick hint is to let the magic works by itself and avoid stirring the pan or else ur sugar will get burned instead!
  3. Making the apple puree: add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and grated apples into the Caramelised sugar as you cook it for around a minute or two on medium heat.
  4. Once finished with your apple puree, stir in the rest of the thinly chopped apples, blueberries, lemon zest and its juice into the mixture. Cook for another minute until a nice light brown color is visible. Tangy Apple Filling, done. Set aside.
  5. Processing the crumbles: make breadcrumbs by mixing together flour, palm sugar, chilled butter cubes and cinnamon altogether with your hands. If it looks lumpy then ur on da right track 😉
  6. Last step to set your crumbs is by adding in the nutty muesli into the breadcrumbs, and fuse evenly.
  7. Pour your apple filling equally into a baking pan ( i used a ceramic oven-proof bowl instead cuz i dont have a small pan) and sprinkle over the crumbles on top 🙂 now that ur base and crumbs are set, its time to bake it in the oven for about 13 minutes till u see a golden crumbs hihi


Remove and warmly serve straight from the oven 

Woopp with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream on top maybe? Won’t make you a sinner 👿



Apple Crumble, DONE✓

One scrummy afters by Gordon Ramsay, so effortless even the Fat Bastard of Brighton wud CrAvE to taste!


Recipe Reference: Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

⭐ Cheeros, C


Yehliu Turtle: Limelight of ma Summer☀︎

Autumn is just around the corner and here I am keeping my stretchy summer posted 😎 Summer (though not my most favourite spell of the year) always managed to unfold the best in me! Burdens just felt a lot lighter and all that really matters is just to relax the spinal cord & laze around while creating a heap mountain of long awaited agendas that consist of my ideal things to do! Awright and that’s how I usually ended up meeting myself all over again!

Travelling beyond doubt takes the biggest chunk of my list ✓ As I’m just so deeply infatuated by the world’s perplex formation; where you can have a vast glittering water part under the warmth of the tropical sunshine at one slice and a cold scenicrim with wet damp floor tracing the blizzard’s leftover at another! The fact that these juxtaposed events happen at the same time interval just summons the word magical to me☆ 💡

Theory over theory were made to crack the paradox, but nothings really absolute till today and for that reason, I feel it is such a privilege to be able to travel and as much as possible gaze at the world’s landmarks from different angle of horizons. That way you certainly will catch yourself sinking in awe, and feel grateful to be a part of this greatest creation 🙂

02.08.14 / Cloudy with a chance of rain

02.08.14 / Cloudy with a chance of rain

I bounced over my six hour plane ride not really enjoying the first few hours of it but survived a safe trip to Formosa, nowadays renowned as Taiwan. I recall the day when I first announced my vac plan, people would ask me ‘why wud u go to Taiwan, aren’t we flooded with bubble tea kiosks already?’ and yeah the choice was pretty odd I think. How can urban city lights and night markets hopping beat the golden sand dunes that smell like salty ocean or even a getaway to Aspen ❗

only until I got here I realised that my trip was a well matched one with the others 🙄 In fact, I got the complete package of everything collated for me: startin from the vast ranging plains, lake, beach, even the mountains and historical scenic areas were all arranged neatly on the plate. It was such a sweet surprise! ➡ And yes, I think Taiwan really deserves bigger credits added to what she is simply known for today! Definitely more epic and happening than XXL deep fried chicken and BOBA tea.


The zenith of my whole trip would be the impromptu detour we took to YEHLIU- a 1700 m long piece of land that stretches along the sea coast region. We only took round less than two hours to get here by car from the capital city of Taipei, which is so dang quick compared to our other roundabouts! Take a scroll downward and you must know why we had stayed there from noon till twilight o_OIMG_3334






” Somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me. ” – Dean Moriarty, On The Road ⌲

” Wave attack, rock weathering, earth movement and crustal movement all contribute to the formation of such a rare and stunning geological landscape. “

 ” The stratum of Yehliu is mainly composed of sedimentary rocks; the formation of sea bays is due to the impact of sea erosion on softer rock layers, while those hard and solid ones may therefore turn into sea capes eventually. “

The Dragon’s Head

 The Prominent One



As seen as above, capes are being pinned point all around Yehliu. Spread like constellation, they have their own distinct features! Among them, I reckoned the infamous Queen’s head, dragon head, lil turtle, mushrooms, pearl, honeycomb and the candles. There are still many more though, if I’m about to list it down the list would be endless; so click here to check on da full collection ^^’IMG_3428

The capes were never designed to attract commuters, which really make this picturesque maze of crafty figures an oddball to me! Created instinctively by the mother nature, the construction of each and every one of them took over millenniums to reach their flaunting states! 😯

If you happen to visit Taiwan and yearn over an exhilarating journey, Yehliu can be your way out of the engulfing skyscrapers in the City  😉

Put your shades on, thick layer of sunblock, get fancy in ur most comfy summer dress and be prepared to be soaked under the toasty glow of summer charm! While groovin over the bewitching panoramic view from a 360° prospect o_O

After all, the impetus of this zesty season is just to have fun in da sun right?🍸


And finally to bid adieu to my suave summer paradise, I’d like to share a track I’ve been hooked with while writing this post from my summer playlist! I guess to make a good closure out of this festive season ❤

I’m thinking sweet
And I’m thinking new
I’m thinking happy
And I think that you should too

I’m thinking loud
I’m thinking boom (boom!)
I’m thinking dynamite
In everything I do

I’m thinking smile
I’m thinking sing (ahhahhahh)
I’m thinking I don’t
Have to worry about a thing

I’m thinkin, I’m thinking sunshine

Max&Simon// I’m Thinking Sunshine

Cheeros, C ☼

Cheeros, C ☼


YehLiu Geo Park

Kantung Road No 167-1, Yehliu Village

Wanli District, New Taipei City 20744