I met Dali, Van, Picasso & gang!

I think of Modern Artists as my greatest influencers in creating.

I grow up seeing their oeuvres in google, learning how to paint like them, reading different interpretations of their works, and constantly wondering about their muses to produce such powerful pieces, that one way or another may have spoken about the era of their time. 

A lot of them continue to shape the way i perceive things, even when they are always a medium away.

Recently I am humbled by the opportunity to visit MoMA Collection Galleries that exhibits range of art pieces between the span of 1880s-1950s. Twas like a cloud of dream to me!

Claude Monet- Water Lilies, Agapanthus

Experiencing the great works of century flaunting before my eyes, not behind the computer screen or another textbook page, with only thin air filling the gap in between…my mind were in such great great abstract!


star treatment to starry night

It’s like having this group of superstars jam-packing a one level space, you don’t even know which one to admire first. And despite the air tight space, you can’t help but put your eyes on 5x magnifying mode to lurk over the slightest stroke that made up each piece so distinctively.

There were mani-manifold feels right there.

It’s not that I suddenly feel connected personally with these artists had I seen their artworks in plain sight as supposed the extension of their beings. It’s more like this ‘takjub’ revelation of seeing its total presence and how potent, real they are despite the familiarity I’ve developed towards some of these images over the years. These pieces, they really are immortal.

Imma overshare some of my favorites down below: (taken non professionally with an I5s, non edited to maintain authenticity)

Mark Rothko- Red, Brown, and Black

“Often, towards nightfall, there’s a feeling in the air of mystery, threat, frustration—all of these at once” – This is a friend’s personal favorite artist, and my first impression of it was in Mad Men Cooper’s office!

Geometric Abstraction- Bauhaus influence

Alexandra Exter, Theo Van Doesburg, Josef Albers, László Moholy-Nagy

top left:

Barnett Newan- Vir Heroicus Sublimis (Man, Heroic, and Sublime)

“There is a tendency to look at large pictures from a distance. The large pictures in this exhibition are intended to be seen from a short distance.”

bottom left:

Joan Miró- The Birth of the World

(a bird/kite, shooting star, ballon, and white head figure)

Piet Mondrian-Trafalgar Square, Broadway Boogie Woogie

 Broadway Boogie Woogie is both New York’s city grid, and rhythms of jazz at the same time!

(left) Alexander Calder- Gibraltar

Mixed media: Lignum vitae, walnut, steel rods, painted wood

(right) Frida Kahlo-My grandparents, my parents, and I (Family Tree)

Henri Matisse

Matisse is a personal favorite of mine. The vividness of his color palette takes part in setting up spatial depth and in addition to the element of somewhat obscured lines, which altogether alter them into flat architectonics form in contrast to the traditionally linear perspective.

The Red Studio, Composition, The Blue Window, Dance (I)

Giorgio De Chirico

The juxtaposition between the uncanny arrangement and the geometric city-scape, am real hooked.

Georges-Pierre Seurat – Grandcamp, Evening, The Channel at Gravelines

 p.o.i.n.t.i.l.l.i.s.m (ZOOM pls pls)

Vincent van Gogh- The Starry Night, The Olive Trees

 From where I stand, I see a passionate dreamer with his rhythmic dancing lines and a playful palette.

Andre Derain- Charing Cross Bridge (left)

I remember reading about this piece, it’s interesting that behind its radical technicolor palette portraying an evening London sky, it’s actually a protest against the use of photography in which he claimed to produce work resembling a snapshot of real life that doesn’t quiet challenge one’s imagination.

Paul Cezanne- Chateau Noir (right)

capturing aged ruins structure

Helen Frankenthaler – Jacob’s Ladder

Paul Cezanne- Self Portrait in a Straw Hat

James Ensor- Masks Confronting Death

Pablo Picasso- Nude with Joined Hands

Henri Matisse- Woman with a Veil

Henri Rousseau- The Sleeping Gypsy, The Dream

Rene Magritte- The lovers

I’m loving the idea of this anti cinematic cliche situation.



No right words can depict that very owning moment, only indeed fulfilled is me



p.s. my shades got some selfie takeaways too lels.



Here’s a Souvenir


do not cut away my soul.

In creating, expressing, and authenticating yourself;

There exist a field of fluidity, where you can have your own process.

But if you can’t fit your process into the organic process that is the project itself, then it doesn’t do you goods. 

You have to figure out how to do what you want to do while also not fucking up somebody else’s process.


Inside a folded yellow paper,

You are an artist.

Artists are (more) curious souls who see the realm as field of creative expression, platform to create, and an endless vaults of opportunity. They know Being ; comprehend the idea that life without purpose is mere passerby of this realm.

Artists craft passions into reality and see no weakness in vulnerability; love without reservation, give their hearts completely and leave nothing on the table. They are naked and unashamed. They leave no room for pretension.

Artists choose to chase and indulged in their school of desires just so that they may authenticate Being ; by of course being a part of this cosmic wonder. Creating changes over and over ; cut this, paste that, hide this, layer that. Until changes become the only constant of a never-finished oeuvre, in which a mean to live life-that may break all forms of security.


it’s a sensation, a blind creation

moving through your days done,

it got your heart stung <cont.>

Inside a folded yellow paper, I never had the chance to pass. 




pocket park, always a good idea.


cop them plants


satu ruang






sparks, many sparks, they burned my eyes.


neon letters



soft spot


do not cut away my soul


katanya ada nicholas saputra, katanya.


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pim december game

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mainan harus mikir

“These are the pieces of my youth,
small secrets and the not-so-great expectations
that defined my coming of age.”

Satu Ruang


|pantai bersama|

Indonesia memiliki garis pantai terpanjang kedua di dunia, hal ini 

menjadikan pantai Indonesia sebagai salah satu sumber daya alam

yang seharusnya dapat diakses dan dinikmati seluruh lapisan 

masyarakat nusantara.

Namun hingga saat ini fasilitas pantai masih kurang mengakomodasi 

kaum difabel, sehingga para kaum difabel kurang dapat merasakan 

pengalaman pantai yang berkesan.

Satu Ruang merupakan sebuah rangkaian acara yang terdiri dari 

kompetisi dan pameran desain; yang bertujuan untuk menyamarkan 

batasan sosial di dalam masyarakat yang cenderung memarginalisasi 

keberadaan kaum difabel.

Kompetisi Satu Ruang menantang para calon arsitek dan desainer interior 

muda Indonesia untuk mendatangkan solusi desain ruang pantai yang dapat 

mencakup spektrum kebutuhan manusia sepenuhnya.

Pameran Satu Ruang memperkenalkan 25 karya intervensi desain terbaik 

dari kompetisi kepada masyarakat umum; dengan harapan akan membangun 

kesadaran di antara kalangan desainer dan juga masyarakat luas akan 

pentingnya satu ruang untuk bersama.


ruang type 2 png untuk tote bag warna putihBanyak orang, beragam kebutuhan, satu ruang.